Endlessly Lush is a design studio specialized in Bespoke Interior Design located in New York and Florida. The studio leads the design and execution of interior renovations, new construction, and furniture installations. 

Creative Director, Claudia González, founded the design studio with the desire to curate all-encompassing design experiences that celebrate self-expression and passion. Her goal is to transform the client’s surroundings with a design approach that highlights purpose, distinction, and beauty through an
all-encompassing design experience. From the very beginning, Claudia empowers each individual to embrace their own sense of self and bring to life their vision of the lifestyle they desire. Her clients are her source of inspiration as she seeks to translate their story by artfully integrating the light and airy; luxury and essential; modern and poetic.  



Claudia hails from Florida, where she received her undergraduate degree in Interior Design from Florida State University.  Right after, she continued her studies and obtained her Master’s degree in Interior Design from Pratt Institute. She has called New York City home ever since.  

In a span of ten years, Claudia joined Ted Moudis Associates, the Rockwell Group, & Ovadia Design Group, renowned Architecture and Interior Design firms in New York City, where she elevated brands and lifestyles for high-profile clients including corporations, luxury hotel brands, resorts, restaurateurs, developers, entrepreneurs, and private clients. For the past few years, she has also dedicated herself to providing creative direction and logistical planning for art installations, editorial content, and private events in New York City, Florida, and Washington D.C. Her reputation for high quality design and attention to detail, from expansive new construction to tabletop items, shows her commitment to creating a holistic user experience.

Claudia is nationally recognized as a NCIDQ Certificate Holder and a registered Interior Designer within the State of New York.  In addition to being an avid designer at heart, Claudia is committed to long dance parties, her only time 'offline' to connect, self-express, sweat, and dance aimlessly with her tribe. 


Design is a manifestation of our personas and dreams alike

Design enables us to establish deeper connections with our surroundings, and by enhancing our self-awareness, strengthen connections with others around us

Our surroundings are a reflection of our state of mind

Events are a celebration of life

Design is one of the most powerful tools to communicate and express


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artful expression

We curate design experiences that elicit purpose and beauty through design concepts that immerse, stimulate the senses, and engage emotion

We focus on creating experiences that boost self-confidence, embrace personal identity, and encourage healthy and purposeful lifestyle choices

tailored approach

We ensure all creations transpire the user's essence through a combination of unique elements. For this reason, we do not believe in "one size fits all", but rather we celebrate every individual through a tailored approach

core values.

furniture design




florals & fashion

make our heart soar