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What's the benefit of hiring an interior designer? 

What is the difference between an interior designer & an interior decorator?

We are qualified to take on the whole project, starting from the ground up to the furnished finished product. Interior Designers will design either new spaces or remodel existing spaces and communicate the intent through detailed technical drawings. Not to mention, we are an invaluable resource when navigating day-to-day details like working with contractors and trade vendors. 

interior design

Do you have a signature style? 

My designs have an effortlessly elegant aesthetic complemented by things they love the most. Each space is meant to reflect the client’s personality while maintaining a sophisticated style through unique findings.

An Interior Designer goes through formal training, and may have to pass a board exam that proves knowledge of current standards established to protect public health, safety and welfare. Interior Designers apply creative and technical solutions within a structure that are functional, attractive, and beneficial to the occupants’ quality of life and culture. They often work closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to coordinate with the building shell and acknowledge of the physical location and social context of the project. As the project advances, Designers take on the role of a Decorator, choosing furnishings, paint and other finishes, and creating a pleasant atmosphere through décor and accessories. Meanwhile, an Interior Decorator only furnishes and adorns a space.

While we get this question very often, there are a few key differences that set them apart. An Event Planner takes on the majority of the planning process regarding critical decisions such as the what, who, and how. On the other hand, an Event Coordinator ensures all previously planned logistics are executed seamlessly and appropriately. This professional is typically hired to coordinate details during the last month prior to the event date. 

How are Event Coordinators different from Event Planners?

I recommend hiring an Event Designer for 1 of 2 reasons (or both!)
1. If you envision a one-of-a-kind soirée that resonates powerfully with your + your partner + your guests
2. If you like many styles, and cannot figure out where to begin (Do not worry, we are experts in content creation!)
On the other hand, you should consider a Wedding Planner if,
1. You lack ample time for planning and coordinating
2. You simply do not enjoy the planning process 
3. You are hosting a destination wedding  
In short, investing in both services can help you achieve an elevated experience through an efficient + intentional approach. 

How do I know which professional TO HIRE?

Event Designers are content creators that specialize in artistic creation. Our role is to orchestrate a cohesive sensory experience composed of visual and tactile elements that are unique to the client’s vision. Event Designers curate engaging experiences starting from the location and spatial design to custom installations, entertainment, floral design, tablescape design, attire, and many other elements hand-selected for our clients.  Meanwhile, an Event Planner is similar to a contractor in that he/she is the logistical mastermind that coordinates all creative partners in advance to ensure a seamless and smooth final execution. Endlessly Lush provides a hybrid approach that integrates efficient systems to produce an all-encompassing experience under one roof. 
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What is the difference between an Event Planner and an Event Designer?

EVENT planning

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